Thursday January 11th, 2024
Oslo Congress Center

Welcome to TravelMatch Norway 2024!

Following a successful TravelMatch Norway 2023 event, with a record number of participants and a large amount of positive feedback, we feel that the international travel industry once again is back on track!  Based on this, we are looking very much forward to continue the important work to build networks among companies from a large number of countries, aiming at creating good products for the travellers.

TravelMatch Norway will be held in 2024 for the 13th time, and is by far the largest and most important event focusing on traveling abroad from Norway. A large range of participants gather here on both the buyer and seller side, and a significant number of meetings are held, most of them based on pre-booked agreements.

Since space is limited, it is better to register as early as possible. Online registration does not start until the end of August (for sellers), but it is possible to reserve space in advance by contacting us by email.

Welcome back to Oslo on January 11th, 2024! 

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What the participants think about TravelMatch

The second year of Travelmatch I joined for the first time and have been participating every year since then. As a DMC in Germany and Austria we need a platform where we can meet our Norwegian clients and partners, existing and new. Travelmatch is managing to do this in a more and more professional way. The comments from the exhibitors is always being heard and we feel that Travelmatch is getting better every year. Since last year INBOUND Services GmbH is a part of PLUS DMC Group and all partners will of course be participating on Travelmatch. This is definitely the place to be  if you want to meet the most important players in the Norwegian Travel Industry. Thank you to the travelmatch Team for giving us DMC`s this platform.

Wenche Werner (seller)
INBOUND Services GmbH Ι
A Partner of PLUS DMC Group

 Once a year we get the world «served on a plate» - at TravelMatch. Simple and efficient – just the way I need it in my busy schedule of travel planning. Among others, we have met many of our favorite  hotels here, and this year in fact the meetings resulted in 4 new travel schedules being offered for 2020. I am looking forward to the next event, and I can not really quite understand why many of those organizing tours do not set off the date and come here to gain inspiration and new ideas?

Charlotte Ehde-Eliassen (Buyer)
Manager/Owner  Ι Vilja Reiser

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